Knowledge Base | WAN

KB 10742  Load Balancing and Failover based on WAN quality
KB 10724  Change the VLAN ID range reserved by Vigor Router itself
KB 10680  Use preferred DNS server on Vigor Router
KB 7528  PPPoE Overview and Troubleshooting ways
KB 7437  Set up WAN priority on VigorLTE 200n and Vigor2620 LTE series router
KB 7427  What is NAT loopback?
KB 6122  What to do if the NAT/ VPN Performance is lower than expected?
KB 6061  Adding LTE Connection to a Broadband Router using VigorLTE 200 or Vigor2620L in LTE Bridge Mode
KB 5996  The different LTE status and the meanings on Vigor LTE Router
KB 5363  Bridge two Vigor3900/2960's LAN over GRE Tunnel
KB 5100  What is Fast NAT and when to use it? (For Vigor3900/2960)
KB 5362  Customer Tag and Service Tag
KB 4834  Activate a backup WAN during times of heavy load
KB 5315  Aggregate WAN's Bandwidth
KB 4090  Capture full Syslog about the USB Modem
KB 4906  Specify the MAC Address of WAN Interface
KB 5442  Troubleshoot for no Internet connection or website not loading completely
KB 4908  Set Up Multi-PVC and Open a Virtual WAN Interface
KB 4907  Set Up Multi-PVC and Bridge to a LAN Port
KB 5366  Capture Packets on Router's WAN
KB 5734  Load Balancing and Failover for multi-WAN Vigor Routers
KB 5662  Set up more WANs for Vigor3900
KB 3819  Set up dual USB WAN and do load balancing on Vigor3900/2960
KB 5463  'Auto Weight' and 'According to Line Speed' in Load Balance
KB 5451  WAN Inbound Load Balancing by Vigor3900
KB 5435  WAN Inbound Load Balance in Failover mode by Vigor3900
KB 4748  Use the same VLAN ID on different WANs (For Vigor3900/2960)
KB 5760  Built-in 4G/LTE WAN Setup
KB 5117  Which 3G/4G/LTE modems are compatible with Vigor Routers?
KB 5784  Add IPv6 address on router's WAN interface
KB 5021  Use Client Key for DynDNS Service
KB 4909  Optimize the MTU Size
KB 5308  Introduction to Hardware Acceleration
KB 5693  3G/4G/LTE WAN Setup
KB 4809  Difference between WAN Connection Detection modes
KB 4804  Add Wireless Internet Connectivity by Wireless WAN
KB 4918  Troubleshoot the Router's 3G/4G/LTE Connection
KB 4799  Track WAN Data Usage by WAN Budget