Introduction to Hardware Acceleration

The multi-WAN models support Hardware Acceleration on their Ethernet WAN interface for selected models; however, if you turn on Hardware Acceleration, the accelerated traffic will by-pass the following features: Traffic Graph, WAN Budget. On the other hand, when Data Flow Monitor, QoS or Bandwidth Limit is enabled, the function of Hardware Acceleration will not take effect, if it is enabled, to prevent from session conflicts.

Modes of Hardware Acceleration

DrayOS provides two options for Hardware Acceleration, Auto and Manual. In Auto mode, Hardware Acceleration will automatically apply to the heaviest TCP sessions. In Manual mode, the network administrator can choose to accelerate the sessions of a certain protocol, source IP, or QoS class.

a screenshot of DrayOS
How do I know if Hardware Acceleration is working?

To check whether Hardware Acceleration is working or not, you can type ppa -v in router's CLI. The numbers of PPA LAN and WAN are the accelerated traffic.

And both way acceleration can be enabled if the performance doesn't exceed the expected value, use the command "ppa -b 1" to enable it.

a screenshot of DrayOS CLI

Furthermore, type ppa -d 3 to see if Hardware Acceleration is working on a session from LAN, and ppa -d 4 to see if it is working on a session from WAN.

a screenshot of DrayOS CLI

Published On: Dec 22, 2015 

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