Track WAN Data Usage by WAN Budget

The WAN Budget feature is to help Network Administrator to manage the data usage on each WAN link in a specific period of time. It allows giving a quota of traffic for each WAN interface, and the router will send notification message or shut down the interface when reaching the limit.

1. To set up WAN Budget for a WAN interface, go to WAN >> WAN Budget. In General Setup, click on the WAN interface you would like set a budget.

a screenshot of DrayOS

2. Edit the profile as follows:

  1. Enable WAN Budget on this interface.
  2. Enter a Quota Limit.
  3. Select the actions to be taken When Quota exceeded.
  4. Set the billing cycle.
  5. Click OK to save the configuration. (Note: Please note that after clicking OK, the counter will be reset. So if you want to keep the traffic count please click Cancel instead.)
a screenshot of DrayOS WAN budget settings

3. If you'd like to get E-mail or SMS notification when reaching the limit, click Notification Object to open the Object Settings >> Notification Object to create an object for WAN budget.

a screenshot of router's GUI

4. Click on an index number to edit, give a profile name then check Limit Reached. (NOTE: the router will send the notification when the usage reaches 95% and 100% of quota)

a screenshot of notification object settings

5. Also, go to Objects Setting >> SMS / Mail Service Object to set up Mail Server or SMS Provider.

a screenshot of Mail/SMS server profile list

6. Then, go back to the WAN budget settings and select the notification object we just created.

a screenshot of WAN budget settings

7. To monitor the current traffic, go to WAN >> WAN Budget. In Monitor Page, Administrator could check the usage of each Interface. a screenshot of monitoring WAN traffic on DrayOS

NOTE: Reboot the router, restore configuration or upgrading firmware with ".all" file will keep the traffic count. However, please note that the traffic counter will be reset when:

  1. On the day selected in monthly or custom cycle
  2. Click OK in the setting page
  3. Reset the router to factory default

Published On:2015-01-14 

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