The different LTE status and the meanings on Vigor LTE Router

After inserting the SIM card onto Vigor LTE router and configuring the needed LTE WAN settings such as APN, SIM PIN code, we will usually see the LTE Status staying in Operational state. That means the LTE module on Vigor Router has entered the data mode successfully and is able to create the Internet connection.
If Vigor LTE Router doesn't enter the Operational state but stays in a different status, it means Vigor LTE router may meet some problems.
In this article, we will list the available LTE status, explain the meanings and provide a suggestion to them accordingly.

Search Network

It means Vigor LTE Router is trying to find a band or a network to connect to. If it stays in Search Network status for a long time, it means no available band or LTE networks could be found. The possible cause could be the signal strength is not enough or there is no available network that Vigor Router can connect to.


1. Check if the LTE antenna is firmly connected and the Signal strength on Vigor Router is Fair at least.

check the signal level

Vigor gives the different signal strength level by referring to the RSSI value:

signal level is referred to RSSI value


When the signal is poor, Syslog will show [4G]<5> signal not detectable!

2019-07-11 07:17:29 [4G]<5> Network is still in searching. (state [0])
2019-07-11 07:17:29 [4G]<5> signal not detectable!

2. Check if there are available networks nearby by using the same SIM card on a phone or change the 4G only setting on Vigor to Auto (4G/3G/2G) for a try.

SIM card not ready

It means Vigor LTE Router doesn't detect the SIM card. If the SIM card is connected, it may happen after unplugging and plugging the SIM card to Vigor Router without a system reboot.

Syslog will show “SIM Card SIM_NOT_INSERTED”

[4G]<5> Please make sure the SIM card is inserted BEFORE router is powered on.#

Suggestion: Reboot the router while the SIM card was connected and see if the SIM card can be detected after the reboot.

SIM card needs PIN code

It means Vigor LTE Router cannot use the SIM card successfully because the SIM card is protected by the PIN code.

Suggestion: Configure the SIM PIN code on the Vigor Router and make a system reboot to make the setting effectively.

Registration Denied

It means Vigor LTE Router has found the available network and sent the register request but the server rejects the connection.

[4G]<5> register state UNKNOWN -----> DENIED#
[4G]<5> Network registration was denied by the visible LTE network.#


1. Check if the configured setting, e.g. APN or the User Name and Password (required by some ISPs) on Vigor Router are correct.

2. Change the Auto (4G/3G/2G) setting to 3G only for a try.

3. Check if another device, e.g. a phone can use the same SIM card to create the Internet connection.


It means Vigor LTE Router has entered the “Operational” status successfully but the Data call / Internet connection was disconnected unexpectedly.

Suggestion: Check if another device, e.g. a phone can use the same SIM card to create the Internet connection.

E-mail to support

If none of the above suggestion can solve the issue, please provide the following information to our Technical Support for further analysis.

Published On:2019-07-24 

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