Set up dual USB WAN and do load balancing on Vigor3900/2960

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Since firmware v1.0.7, Vigor3900 supports dual USB WAN and load balance function that allows users to have 7 WAN interfaces at the same time. This note demonstrates how to set up two USB WAN and do load balancing among them. Please note that users should plug in the supported dongle (which is listed on USB Application >> Modem Support List) in the USB ports before setting USB connection.

Dual USB WAN Setup

1. Go to WAN >> General Setup >> USB WAN, click Edit to set up USB1.

2. Enable usb1, and select the Protocol which is supported by the dongle.

3. Go to Protocol tab and fill the information ISP requires, then click Apply to save the settings.

4. Similarly, set up USB2.

5. After finishing the configurations, go to Online Status page to check the connectivity.

Load Balance Configuration

1. Go to Routing >> Load Balance Pool, and click Add to create a new load balance pool profile.

  1. Enter Profile name, and set Mode to Load_Balance
  2. Click Add to add Interface usb1 and usb2, and set balance Weight
  3. Click Apply to save the setting

2. Go to Routing >> Default Route, and select the load balance pool created for USB WAN as WAN Profile/LoadBalance Pool Name, then click Apply to finish.

Published On:2016-05-25 

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