Specify the MAC Address of WAN Interface

This article shows how to specify the MAC address of the WAN Interface on Vigor Router. This is a workaround if your ISP restricts Internet access to their modems by recognizing the MAC addresses, or if you are in a network where the Network Administrator requires registering the MAC address first for a device to get Internet access, which is quite common in dormitories.

1. To change the MAC address of the WAN interface, go to WAN >> Internet Access, click Details Page of the WAN you are going to configure.

2. At the lower right of the profile box, select "Specify a MAC Address" and enter the MAC Address, then click OK to save.

For PPPoE:

For Static or Dynamic IP:

1. Go to WAN >> General Setup >> General Setup, select the WAN you want to change the MAC address and click Edit.


2. Disable Default MAC Address, enter MAC address, click Apply.

Published On: Aug 17, 2016 

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