Use Client Key for DynDNS Service

DynDNS service now uses client key as the password for hardware Dynamic DNS (DDNS) clients (e.g., the router). If you get badauth return code during updating DDNS, try to put client key instead of the sign-in password in the password field of DDNS setting.

To get a client key, sign in then go to Account Settings, press Generate Key then a random client key will be generated.

NOTE: Vigor Router extended the maximum password size in DDNS setting to 64 characters in the recent firmware versions. If the password field on your router does not show "max. 64 characters", please upgrade the firmware to the latest version first. Some older models may only support 23 characters for the password; therefore, they cannot use DynDNS service with a client key.

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If your DDNS still couldn't work and shows error messages, please provide the information of Dynamic DNS account settings to DrayTek Support [email protected] for further analysis.

Published On:2016-05-11 

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