Use Country Object in Route Policy

Vigor routers can forward the traffic through multiple outgoing interfaces, such as WAN, VPN, and LAN. Network Administrator can create the Route Policy or Static Route to regulate the forwarding interface for specific traffic.

Some websites and resources have geo-restrictions. For example, Netflix provides different contents for the users in different countries, Costco website may offer the different merchandise base on the locations that customers live, BBC news only provide some video resources to the IP addresses within the UK, some online game only let the players choose the servers near their residences. To bypass these restrictions, we need to make our traffic go through the gateway in the specific country or location.

Therefore, Vigor routers provide Country Object in Route Policy so that the traffic can be sent via the interface at a specific location. This note demonstrates how to set up the Route Policy to forward the traffic to the UK through the WAN1, and the traffic to the US through VPN tunnel.

Note: DrayTek Router includes GeoLite2 data created by MaxMind, available from

1. Create Country Object, go to Objects Setting >> Country Object page,

  1. Click an available index
  2. Give a profile name and select country from Available Country to Selected Country.
a screenshot of DrayOS Country Object settings

2. Create Route Policy, go to Routing >> Load-Balance/Route Policy page. Click an available index to edit the rule:

  1. Check Enable
  2. Select Country Object for Destination in Criteria
  3. Select WAN1 for Interface
a screenshot of DrayOS Route Policy Settings

3. Similarly, repeat step 1 and 2, to configure a route policy to regulate traffic to the US via VPN.

another screenshot of Route Policy settings with VPN

4. To verify the settings, we can use traceroute. Assume that WAN1's gateway IP is, and the VPN remote gateway IP (LAN IP of the remote router in the US) is

a screenshot of WAN online status

Trace in the UK, the traffic will go through WAN1 gateway:

a screenshot of windows command prompt

Trace in the US, we see the traffic go through VPN remote gateway:

a screenshot of Windows command prompt

Published On:2017-12-26 

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