Change the default route by Route Policy

Vigor Router uses WAN1 as the default WAN. Route Policy can make WAN2 be the first choice. The following steps demonstrate how to change the default route to WAN2 by Route Policy.

1. Go to Load-Balance/Route Policy, enable Advance Mode. Click Index 1 to create a new policy for Vigor Router.

a screenshot of routing policy list

2. To change default WAN from WAN1 to WAN2, we need to set up as followings:

  1. Enable this profile
  2. Leave Source IP, Destination IP, and Destination Port as "Any"
  3. Change Interface to "WAN2
  4. (Optional) Adjust Priority. The priority range is from 0 to 250 for Route Policy, where a smaller number gives higher Priority to this policy, and vice versa.
a screenshot of Policy Route settings

3. More options can be set up in Advanced Mode. Enable Failover to when the interface disconnects for some reasons, the traffic will continue transmission automatically via the original default WAN.

a screenshot of Route Policy settings more options expanded

4. Click OK to save the settings. After finishing the above configuration, the packets will follow the criteria according to Route Policy, which will always go through WAN2 unless WAN2 is disconnected, the traffic will go through default WAN.

Published On: Jan 22, 2016 

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