Troubleshoot Wireless Connection Problem

If the Wi-Fi signal is strong, but you still can't join the wireless network or have Internet connections, here are some possible causes.

Access Control Settings

If you cannot connect to the SSID, it could be that the access point has access control settings and allows only registered devices to connect. On VigorAP, the policy "Activate MAC address filter/White List" means only the stations with the MAC addresses in the filter list will be able to connect to the SSID.

Incorrect IP Address Configuration

The IP address of the wireless network adapter should be in the same subnet of the network. If the network adapter is "Obtaining an IP address automatically", it will get a valid IP from the DHCP server (usually a router). Try changing the settings to obtain IP automatically if it's not.

a screenshot of Windows Network Card IP property

Network Adapter Has No IP Address

If there is no DHCP server on the network, you will need to manually configure the wireless network adapter to have an IP address, and you need to know the IP subnet of the wireless network.

AP Assistant Client Roaming Parameters

If the wireless connection is intermittently interrupted, we can check if roaming is enabled or not, and any relevant system logs is displayed as shown below. Then disable roaming or adjust the parameters of roaming to suit your network environment. For more information about roaming, please refer to the article here.

Wi-Fi Roaming with VigorAP

The Connection between the AP and the Network Gateway Fails

If the network adapter has a correct IP address, you may try using command "ping" to test the connectivity between the device and gateway. If you don't get replies from the gateway IP, please check the switch, hub, and Ethernet cable between the gateway router and the access point.

The Network Gateway is Blocking Internet Access

If you can reach the gateway, but cannot access the Internet, it could be that the network router has firewall rules that are blocking the Internet access from LAN clients. More commonly, the network might be using a captive portal, and you need to click on a button or login to get Internet service. Try open a browser to see if there's a portal page.

a screenshot from a smartphone

Published On:2016-05-24 

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