Collect Wireless Debug Log on Vigor AP

VigorAP supports dumping wireless debug logs. When meeting a wireless connecting issue, we could collect the Wireless Debug log and send them to DrayTek Support for further analysis.

Supported models:

VigorAP906, AP912C, AP918, AP920R, AP960C, AP1000C, AP1060C

Below are the steps to collect the Wireless Debug log.

1. Telnet into VigorAP. Please save the outputs to a txt file before opening the telnet connection.

2. Turn on the wifi debug log with the command "wifi_debug on"

3. Let the problemed wifi client connect to VigorAP again

4. Dump the logs by the command "wifi_logdump"

The debug log will be dumped and saved to the txt file.

5. Remember to turn off the wifi debug log by the command "wifi_debug off" when finishing the log capture. Otherwise, the system performance may be reduced.

Please provide the mac address of the client and the time that the issue happened for better analyzing the logs.

Except for the logs, it will be good to have more information about the wifi client and the network environment.

  • The Syslog
  • The wireless client's model name and its driver version
  • The distance between the client and the AP./li>
  • The used wifi Security method
  • The config file of the Vigor AP
  • The firmware version on the Vigor AP
  • Published On:2022-12-20 

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