Upgrade CPE's Firmware via VigorACS 2

VigorACS allows the network administrator to maintain multiple CPEs effectively. The firmware upgrade is one of the useful features that improve maintenance of lots of devices. ACS provides 3 methods to do the firmware upgrade for more flexible usage.


Prepare the firmware file

Before we set the firmware upgrade job, we may need to prepare the firmware file on ACS > SYSTEM MENU > Maintenance > File Manager. There're two ways to get the firmware file:

Firmware upgrade for single CPE

Click one of the CPE which you'd like to upgrade and go to DEVICE MENU > Configuration > System > Maintenance. Select the source of firmware file and press Upgrade Now button to upgrade the firmware immediately:

Multiple CPEs - Maintenance Firmware upgrade

Go to SYSTEM MENU > Maintenance > Firmware Upgrade and press Add New Job:

After saving the job, we will see the status from the job list.

Multiple CPEs - Provisioning Firmware upgrade

For provisioning firmware upgrade, It's based on the network group for batch firmware upgrade. ACS will only request the CPE to upgrade firmware if the CPE meet all of the criteria. Go to SYSTEM MENU > Provisioning > Firmware Upgrade and press Add to start creating the profile:

[Firmware Upgrade Job Settings]

[Device Criteria]

[Firmware upgrade & Network selection]

You may also add the CPE into excluded Devices list so that ACS will ignore those CPEs even though they belong to the applied network.


How to check the result of firmware upgrade

We can find the log if the firmware upgrade event occurred from Monitoring > Log > File Transfer. The prefix of CommandKey describes the upgrade type:
- ManuFirmUpgr: ACS request CPE to upgrade firmware while user click firmware upgrade from DEVICE MENU > Configuration > System > Maintenance
- FwUpgrWizard: ACS request CPE to upgrade firmware by SYSTEM MENU > Maintenance > Firmware upgrade
- InfoFirmUpgr: ACS request CPE to upgrade firmware by SYSTEM MENU > Provisioning > Firmware upgrade

Published On:2018-12-26 

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