Register a VigorAP to VigorACS 2

To manage and monitor a VigorAP from VigorACS server, you need to register it to the server first. The CPE (the AP at the customer's site and you would like to manage remotely) registration requires allowing TR-069 access and having the correct TR-069 parameters. STUN settings may be necessary if the CPE is behind a NAT device, for example, another router. Also, make sure there are no firewall rules blocking the traffic to the VigorACS server.

First of all, make sure the Network group setting on VigorACS 2 server is ready. You could go to SYSTEM MENU >> Network Management to create your own network group (which you want the CPE to join) then specify the username and password of this network. Please keep the username and password of this network in mind

a screenshot of VigorACS2 Network Management
The configuration of the VigorAP

1. Go to System Maintenance >> TR-069 page,

a screenshot of VigorAP's TR-060 settings

2. After saving the configuration, we may click Test With Inform to check the connectivity between the AP and VigorACS 2 server. A green light indicates the AP has got the reply from the servers, which means the communication between the AP and the server has established.

a screenshot of VigorAP's TR-069 settings

3. On VigorACS2 Dashboard, we should see the CPE appear on the New Device widget. Click "+" to confirm and add the device to the network.

a screenshot of VigorACS2 dashboard
Apply TR-069 Settings from the Router

If the VigorAP is connected to the LAN of a Vigor Router, we could enable "Apply settings to APs" on the router and let the router copy the same TR-69 settings to the VigorAP automatically. It will reduce the need for manual configuration when you add a new VigorAP to the network.

To do this, go to System Maintenance >> TR 069 on the router:

a screenshot of Vigor Router's TR-069 settings

Published On:2018-01-09 

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