Schedule CPE to reboot periodically via VigorACS 2

This article is going to demonstrate how to configure schedule CPE to reboot on VigorACS 2.

Configure the Reboot Profile

1. Go System Menu > Maintenance > Device Reboot, switch to Reboot Settings Profile tab and click Add to create and configure the profile:

a screenshot of VigorACS 2 schedule setting

2. Go to Networks & Devices tab, the reboot settings profile could be applied per network or device.

a screenshot of applying schedule reboot to group or device
How to check if the reboot has taken place?

All of the reboot events will be recorded in Monitoring > Logs > Device Reboot. The prefix of CommandKey describes the reboot type:
- ProReboot: ACS reboot the CPE by schedule reboot profile
- ManuReboot: ACS reboot the CPE while administrator click reboot from Device Menu > Configuration > System > Maintenance

a screenshot of reboot log

If the reboot did not happen:
1. Check the server time.The scheduled time in the reboot profile should base on the ACS server time instead of your computer's system time.

a screenshot of VigorACS 2

2. Make sure Periodic Inform is enabled on CPE. The reboot will be triggered when the CPE sends an inform to the ACS server, so please make sure you have select "Enable" for Periodic Inform Settings on System Maintenance >> TR-069 setting of CPE WebUI.

a screenshot of VigorACS 2

Published On:2018-11-27 

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