Adjust ADSL SNR Value from Router's CLI

Selected ADSL routers on VECTOR firmware support adjusting ADSL SNR value by typing the command "adsl snr" in router's command-line interface With this command, we may reduce SNR value to improve the ADSL sync speed, or to increase SNR value to improve the ADSL stability. Below shows how to use this command.

1. Enter the router's command line interface.

2. Enter command adsl status to check the current SNR value. The below example shows the current SNR Margin is 8 dB. adsl status in commannd-line interface

3. Enter command adsl snr ? to check how to use it.

  1. It shows "adsl snr [delta]", which means we should enter a "delta" value after "adsl snr". The delta value is the SNR value to increase with a step of 0.1 dB, it can be a number ranges from -50 to 50.
  2. Enter adsl snr 50 for the router to try synchronizing with an SNR value 5dB higher
  3. After the command, Vigor Router will restart ADSL modem and try to synchronize again.
changin SNR in command-line interface.

4. After ADSL restarts, enter command adsl status to check the new SNR value. We can see the current SNR Margin increased to 11 dB. adsl status showing in command-line interface

NOTE: The new SNR value will not be exactly the value of 8 dB plus 5 dB. It is because the actual synchronization result depends on the negotiation with ADSL IPDSLAM; however, Vigor Router will try to get synchronization with a higher SNR value.

If the SNR value or the ADSL stability is not as good as you expected, please try other ADSL modem codes to improve

Published On: Mar 20, 2015 

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