Generate Multiple WireGuard VPN profiles at once by Vigor3910/2962

More and more users work from home because of the covid-19. It is easy for the network admin to create multiple VPN profiles that use a user name and password for authentication. However, when the VPN protocol uses the public keys in certificates for authentication, e.g., WireGuard VPN, it is not that easy to create the VPN profiles. For making the network admin deploy the WireGuard VPN for multiple users easier, Vigor3910/2962 supports a new feature that can generate multiple WireGuard VPN profiles at once. This article shows how to generate multiple WireGuard VPN profiles quickly by Vigor3910.

1. Go to VPN and Remote Access >> Remote Dial-in User create a new profile. Click here to learn how to create a WireGuard VPN profile.

2. Click Client Config Generator in this profile.

3. In the pop-up window,

Note: The max number of clients Vigor Router can generate at once is 100.

4. Click Download All Client Configs to download all profiles. Then click Apply to Profile 33 ~ 37 and close the pop-up window.

Now we can see multiple profiles created by the router.

5. Extract the .zip file and give those .conf files to each VPN user.

Published On:2022-01-17 

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