Turn on and off VigorAP's Wi-Fi by Schedule


This note is going to demonstrate how to turn on or off the Wi-Fi by Schedule function. Before setting up the schedule, please make sure you have set the Time and Date correctly, so the schedule will work as expected. 

Take the Wi-Fi service in a company as an example. 2.4G Wi-Fi service will only be available during working hours, which is 8:00-12:00, and 13:00-17:00. The following notes will demonstrate how to set the schedule to turn off Wi-Fi service during 12:00-13:00, which is the lunch break.

1. Go to Applications >> Schedule page

2. Tick Enable Schedule, click OK to apply the change.

a screenshot of VigorAP Schedule settings

3. Set schedule for the lunch break, click Add button to create a new schedule,

  1. Enable this profile.
  2. Set Start Time to the time Wi-Fi should be turned off
  3. Set Duration Time to how long the Wi-Fi should be turned off.
  4. Select 'Wi-Fi DOWN' for Action.
  5. Check the SSID to turn off, or 'Radio" to turn off the entire 2.4GHz/5GHz Wi-Fi.
  6. To repeat the schedule, select 'Routine' for Acts, and select the days to apply.
a screenshot of VigorAP Schedule profile

Then it's finished. To cancel the schedule, just select the profile and click Delete

a screenshot of VigorAP Schedule list

Published On:2015-10-02 

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