Monitoring Application Usage with VigorACS 3

VigorACS 3 includes a feature to monitor Data Usage for several Internet-based applications. This allows network administrators to easily monitor Internet data usage for each application.

This article demonstrates how to use this feature to monitor and display the data usage of each application.

To use the Data Usage feature, please enable SD-WAN in your network group. Click here to learn how to enable SD-WAN.

1. On ACS3 Dashboard, click the network group you want to monitor.

2. Go to Monitoring>>Data Usage (SD-WAN).

3. Choose the router you would like to monitor.

Pie Chart :

A pie chart will then be displayed, divided into application categories (for example, Instant Messaging, VoIP, Games, etc).

Network administrators can see more details about each application category(Take Google Service for example).

The pie chart may be sorted by application or by client device, using the tabs above the chart. When the pie chart is sorted by Client Device, network administrators will see the percentage of the usage for each device.

Traffic Line Chart :

Network administrators can see the change of the traffic at each time.

Usage List :

Below the pie chart is the usage list, which displays more detail for each category by drilling down to the individual application names, along with their respective user counts and upload/download data usage. By clicking the column headings, the usage of each application may be sorted on your preference.

The usage list can also be sorted by client device. Network administrators can see the upload and download usage of each device.

Published On:2021-06-22 

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