Dial VPN with TOTP Authentication

Using a one-time password has been a necessary option to increase security. Vigor Routers have supported MOTP as the VPN random password solution but MOTP is no longer the only option now. We support TOTP (Time-based One-time Password) also on the new Vigor Routers. Customers can use the popular Google Authenticator app to get a random password for creating VPN easily. This article will show how to dial-up VPN with TOTP authentication from SmartVPN Client to Vigor Router.

Supported Model :
Supported VPN protocol :

VPN Server Setup:

1. Go to VPN and Remote Access >> Remote Dial-in User to create a user account.

2. Check Enable Time-based One-time Password(TOTP). And copy the Secret or QR Code.

Note : Please provide the QR Code or the Secret for the VPN user so that the VPN user can add it into the Authenticator App. This VPN user needs to use the password that the Authenticator generates to establish the VPN connection.

3. Open an Authenticator App. (ex: Google Authenticator or TOTP Authenticator)

We will see the password in the Authenticator App.

4. Enter the password generated in step3. And click Verify. Then click OK to save.

VPN Client Setup:

1. Open the SmartVPN Client.

2. Select the profile created in step1. And click Connect.

Now the VPN is up.

Published On:2022-01-20 

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