Dial VPN with mOTP authentication using iOS Smart VPN Client

This note is going to demonstrate how to use One-Time Password(OTP) on SmartVPN iOS app for VPN authentication. Mobile One-Time password (mOTP) is calculated by the PIN code, secret, and the current time. The temporary one-time password is unpredictable and therefore, can provide higher authentication security than static passwords.

1. Open SmartVPN and tap '+' on upper-right corner

a screenshot of iOS SmartVPN profile list

2. Fill the VPN server IP or hostname at Server, its SSL VPN port at Port (usually 443), and Username.

3. Enable Use mOTP and tap on mOTP Setup.

a sceenshot of iOS SmartVPN profile

4. Tap Generate Secret and enter a PIN.

a screenshot of iOS Smart VPN mOTP setup

5. The VPN server (router) should configure the same secret and PIN code, so please write the secret and PIN code down or send it to Network Administrator via E-mail by tapping the mail icon.

a screenshot of an email of mOTP secret

6. Configure the mOTP secret and PIN code on the VPN server:

  For Vigor3900 and Vigor2960, go to User Management >> User Profile, in the user profile for this SSL VPN client:

  1. Enable SSL Tunnel and mOTP in PPTP/L2TP/SSL Server tab
  2. Enter the mOTP PIN code and mOTP Secret
  3. Click Apply to save
a screenshot of Vigor3900 User profile

   For DrayOS Routers, go to VPN and Remote Access >> Remote Dial-In Users, in the user profile for this SSL VPN client,

  1. Enable mOTP
  2. Enter the PIN Code and Secret
  3. Click OK to save
a screenshot of DrayOS Remote Dial-In User profile

7. Go back to SmartVPN and tap Save, then allow the SmartVPN to add VPN configuration

a screenshot of a message showing Smart VPN would like to add VPN configurations

8. Tap the VPN profile created. Then, switch the status to connect, and we can see the VPN status after it established successfully.

a screenshot of iOS showing VPN connected

Published On:2016-07-20 

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