Upgrade VigorACS 2 to VigorACS 3 on Linux

VigorACS 2 users are offered to upgrade to VigorACS 3. The database of VigorACS 3 is compatible with that of VigorACS 2, so we can keep all your data after updating. If we still have an valid license of VigorACS 2, we can convert the remaining license to VigorACS 3 manually on MyVigor.


  1. Once VigorACS 3 is installed, we cannot downgrade to VigorACS 2.
  2. Please check the compatible CPE list and hardware requirement first from here. VigorACS 3 can only run on 64-bit platforms.
  3. VigorACS 3 is only compatible with MariaDB 10 and above. If your MariaDB version isn’t up to date, please backup the database and upgrade MariaDB with VigorACS 3 installation.

This document will demonstrate how to upgrade VigorACS 2 to VigorACS 3 on Linux (CentOS 7)

  1. Backup the database

    The database will remain after the upgrade; however, we still strongly recommend to backup the database of VigorACS 2 before you start. Please refer to this article to see how to backup the database.

  2. Stop service
    1. Please login with root or root permission.
    2. Execute vigoracs.sh in path= /usr/local/vigoracs/VigorACS/bin
      # cd /usr/local/vigoracs/VigorACS/bin
      # ./vigoracs.sh

    3. Input 6 to shutdown VigorACS service first.
  3. Upgrade ACS 3
    1. Extract VigorACS 3 installation package via the command in your ACS 3 installation file path.
      # cd /path/to/acs3/downloaded/compress/file/directory
      # tar -jxv -f VigorACS_Unix_Like_xxxxxx_xxxxx.tar.bz2 (-C /path/for/extract/file)
      ※ you can use parameter: -C to designate extracted file path.

    2. Modify the permission of install.sh and uninstall.sh
      # cd /path/for/extract/file
      # chmod 755 install.sh
      # chmod 755 uninstall.sh

    3. Execute install.sh
      # ./install.sh

      • Input y to create new folder
      • Input y to install required packages
    4. Input 6 to upgrade to ACS3
      • Input y to update database
      • Input 1 to use Local side database
      • Input 1 to use ACS mysql
      • Input the password of root of MariaDB and input y to test
      • Input 2 for JBoss config file
  4. Start ACS3 service
    1. Execute vigoracs.sh in path= /usr/local/vigoracs/VigorACS/bin.
      # cd /usr/local/vigoracs/VigorACS/bin
      # ./vigoracs.sh

    2. Input 5 to start vigoracs service
    3. Configure port settings:
      • http: 80
      • https: 443
      • bind ip address:
      • stun: 3478
      • syslog: 514
    4. Check VigorACS service status
      # systemctl status vigoracs

  5. Register ACS 3
    1. Launch a web browser and access ACS 3 login page with IP address or domain name of the PC in the URL column.
    2. Type username and password to login.
    3. Click Activate. The browser will redirect to MyVigor website.
    4. Login with MyVigor account.
      Please use the same account which you registered ACS 2.
    5. Input the Device Name and click Submit.
    6. Choose Upgrade ACS2 to ACS3.
    7. Choose a valid ACS2 license. Click Continue.
    8. Click Upgrade to ACS3.
    9. Click Activate Now.
    10. Click Login to ACS, then Login.

Now we could enjoy the new VigorACS 3!

Published On:2021-06-23 

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