Limit a VPN account be connected by one remote user only.

Vigor Router accepts multiple VPN clients dial-in through the same VPN profile by default. However, a network administrator may want to allow one VPN connection for one VPN user profile only. That means once a user uses this VPN account to establish the VPN connection, the other users cannot use the same account to establish the VPN connection anymore.

Vigor Router provides two options for meeting the requirement and we will introduce the options in this article.

Option 1: Assign Static IP on the VPN Remote Dial-in VPN profile.

Network Administrator can assign a static IP to this account. Once a user establishes VPN connection with this VPN user account, the router will provide a specified IP to the VPN client. (It is needed to untick Multiple Concurrent Connections Allowed first.)

Option 2: Untick the Multiple Concurrent Connections Allowed option.

Vigor3910/2962 supports this new option since firmware
We can untick the option in the VPN Remote Dial-In User profile to restrict the VPN connection count easily.

Published On:2021-05-18 

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