How to monitor the temperature by using built-in Temperature Sensor ( For VigorAP1000C/920/918R)

Temperature monitoring is helpful for us to prevent devices from getting physical damage. With built-in Temperature Sensor, we are able to monitor the internal temperature of VigorAP1000C/920/918R and even get temperature alerts from devices. Following steps will demonstrate how to monitor the internal temperature and make APs send Syslog/Mail alerts when they are getting abnormal temperature.

Note: Make sure that 2.4GHz wireless is enabled( Built-in Temperature Sensor won’t work if 2.4GHz wireless is disabled).

1. To set up alert methods, go to System Maintenance >> Syslog / Mail Alert Setup.

Syslog Access Setup

a screenshot of syslog setup

Mail Alert Setup

a screenshot of mail alert setup

2. Go to Applications >> Sensor, click Sensor Settings

a screenshot of sensor setting

Note: For calibration/current value, we don’t need to adjust it (Leave it at 0.0).

3. To monitor the temperature, go to Applications >> Sensor Graph >> Sensor Graph.

a screenshot of temperature graph a screenshot of value table

4. Getting temperature alerts from APs when the temperature is out of range.

Syslog Alert:

a screenshot of syslog alert

Mail Alert:

a screenshot of mail alert

Published On:2021-01-07 

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