Configure WAN and VPN alarm on VigorACS

This document demonstrates how to set up mail Alarm to notify the network administrator when the CPE's WAN or VPN interface lost connection.


Configure the email address of the recipient

1. Go to User > User Management and click your user account.

2. On the edit page, enable the Email Notify option and type your email address. Then, press the Save button to keep the change. 


Setup the Mail Server

Go to User >> Mail Server, select your user group and enter the mail server details. Click Send a test mail icon and type the mail address of the recipient. VigorACS would display the message if test mail sent successfully.

By default, VigorACS will send the alarm mail when the CPE gets offline and it will be defined as Critical Level.
With VPN/WAN event, we could adjust the severity from the System > System Parameter ID 29 and 30.



Configure and check the Alarm

1. Select the CPE which you'd like to monitor:

 2. Check the alarm log: We could check the drop event from the Monitoring > Alarm. When the service resume, the alarm will be cleared and moved to the History tab.


Receive the mail when services resume

To receive the mail while the VPN/WAN get back, we could set the System parameter ID 55 DisableAlarmMailByClear as true. Once the alarm event is cleared and moved to history(which means the service get back), you will receive the mail of the alarm cleared.




Published On:2019-07-10 

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