Use VigorAP as a Universal Repeater

VigorAP can act as a universal repeater to extend the range of the existing Wi-Fi network. The following example shows how to operate VigorAP in universal repeater mode and connect to a Vigor2860 to expand it's Wi-Fi coverage.

1. Choose “Universal Repeater” on Operation mode Configuration page.   

Switching to Universal repeater mode for operation mode configuration

2. Enable Wireless LAN: Go to Wireless LAN >> General Setup,

  1. Enable Wireless LAN
  2. Choose Channel (Better use a channel different from which of the router to avoid interference.)
  3. Enter SSID
  4. Click OK
Channel and SSID settings of VigorAP

3. Set up Security: Go to Wireless LAN >> Security Settings,

  1. Choose WPA2/PSK for Mode
  2. Enter Pass Phrase
  3. Click OK to finish all setup
Using WPA2/PSK for security settings

4. Scan for nearby access points to find the Wi-Fi router: Go to Wireless LAN >> Access Point Discovery,

  1. Select the SSID of the Wi-Fi Router
  2. Confirm the router's MAC address and SSID
  3. Click OK to save
Find the main WLAN network by AP Discovery feature

5. Set up Universal Repeater: On Wireless LAN >> Universal Repeater page, check all the parameters and enter the Wi-Fi passphrase of the router's Wi-Fi network. Then, click OK to save.

Enter the information about the main router on Universal Repeater setup page

After the above configurations, stations that connect to VigorAP will be able to access the network of the Router, as well as the Internet.

Published On:2016-05-24 

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