Client Load Balancing by Central AP Management

Deploying more AP on the network to share the traffic load will bring better Wi-Fi performance, but we don't want all the client connecting to only one AP. AP Load Balance could be the solution to one AP gettings overloaded while others are still free.

AP Load Balance can be set up with Central AP Management (APM) on Vigor Router. AP can achieve Load Balancing by rejecting a new station when it already has too many or too much traffic, thus force the new station to connect to other free AP. To enable AP Load Balance, please go to Central AP Management >> Load Balance on Vigor Router.

Balancing Stations Number

With “By Station Number” enabled, every AP has a limit of station number allowed. When the number reaches, the AP will not rejects new connections, so the new station must connect to other less crowded AP.

a screenshot of Central AP Management Load Balance settings

This is the same as Client Limit settings on VigorAP. In fact, when “By Station Number” is enabled, the Limit Client on VigorAP will be set to the same number.

a screenshot of Central AP Management Load Balance settings

Balancing Traffic

With “By Traffic” enabled, every AP has a limit for upload and download traffic. When the AP reaches the limit, it will stop allowing new connections, and make the new station connect to other less busy AP.

a screenshot of Central AP Management Load Balance settings

These two options can enable at the same time, VigorAP will stop accepting new connections when it meets one of the conditions.

Action When Threshold Exceeded

While using AP Load Balance, we can also enable “Action When Threshold Exceeded” which allows the AP to disconnect one of its existing stations when there is a new connection request while and it reaches the limit.

There are three actions that can be choosed:

Published On:2015-10-16 

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