Connecting to the Wi-Fi using default password

For Vigor Wi-Fi Routers and VigorAP, the wireless LAN is enabled by default. Users can connect to the router/AP via Wi-Fi once it power on. To connect to the W-Fi:

1. Find the default SSID of the device. Most Vigor Wi-Fi router uses DrayTek, and most VigorAP use DrayTek-LAN-A (and DrayTek-LAN-B for the second subnet).

2. Enter the default Wi-Fi password printed on the back of the product. Then, you should be connected to the routers' LAN.

To change the password, please log in to your Vigor Router or VigorAP, and change the security settings at Wireless LAN >> Security page.

Published On:2015-11-13 

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