Reset CPE Password by VigorACS 2

There is no way we can retrieve the router's administration password if it's lost. However, if the device is already managed by VigorACS 2, there are several solutions for this. From VigorACS2, you may reset the password to default, re-configure the password by device configuration or by the TR-069 parameter.

Rest the password the default by Maintenance

(Available for DrayOS models at this moment)
1. Go to Maintenance > System Password Reset, find the device you want to reset the password at Select Devices.
2. Set Reset Time to "Now" and click Save.
3. After the next TR-069 inform, VigorACS 2 will reset the CPE's password to "admin."

Re-configure the password by Device Configuration

(Available for router and APs at this moment)

1. Expand the network tree and select the CPE which you want to change the password.

2. Go to Device Menu > Configuration > System > Admin Account, type a new password and click Save.

Re-configure the password by the TR-069 parameter

(Available for all products)
1. Expand your network tree and click on the CPE which you want to change the password.

2. Expand the Configuration Menu, go to Advanced > Parameter Tree, find the TR-069 parameter for administration password, input a new password and Save. (For router and AP, the parameter should locate at InternetGatewayDevice > X_00507F_System > AdminmodePassword > Password; for the switches, it's locate at InternetGatewayDevice > X_00507F_System > AccountManager > LocalUser > 1 > EditUser > Password.)

Published On:2018-11-27 

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