Introduction to Interference Monitor

Wireless transmission is a limited resource. Wireless connection, performance, and searching SSID will be easily affected by the congestion of the channel. Since firmware version 1.2.0, VigorAP supports Interference Monitor (AP910C will support this feature in further version). Users could refer to the information of this tool to understand the performance and stability of their wireless environment.

Interference Monitor can scan the channel that AP is using currently or all the available channels. We can refer to Channel Utilization and Channel Energy to distinguish the less crowded channel. Both of these two value can represent the congestion of the wireless environment, but with a different meaning.

Here is the example of scanning the Current Channel which the AP is currently using:

a screenshot of VigorAP's Interference Monitor

We click the "All Channels" tab to scan all the channels available in your country. Vigor AP will provide the recommended channel to use, which is calculated by the values of Channel Utilization and Channel Energy. Please notice that VigorAP needs to switch and listen to different channels for a while, no station is allowed to connect with the AP during the scanning process.

another screenshot of VigorAP's Interference Monitor

Published On:2017-01-17 

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