Enhancing DNS Security in Vigor routers to protect users from malware and phishing

Vigor Routers supports firewall and Content Security Management features to enhance the network security. Please visit Introduction to Firewall Content Security Management for further details.

Additionally, we can make use of some public DNS servers which provide malware blocking and privacy guarantees to help protect your network from cyber threats as alternatives. For example:

IBM Quad9: (secured) (secured with ECS)
Service Addresses & Features | Quad9
Cloudflare for families: (malware blocking) (malware and adult content)
Introducing for Families (cloudflare.com)


  1. Please refer to the links to learn more information on their website.
  2. Public DNS server performance varies from different regions, you can visit DNS Performance to choose the best public DNS provider.

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Published On:2022-03-22 

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