Using VigorConnect to monitor the Traffic by sFlow

sFlow is a standard protocol that allows the network administrator to monitor the traffic flow by sampling the packets.
In a business network, there is a great amount of traffic in the business environment every day. Because of that, the enterprise network often occurs traffic abnormal caused by network congestion and attacks. The network administrator could use sFlow to monitoring the traffic and discover the abnormal situation in time.

Supported models: P/G2280x, P/G2540x

How to start using sFlow to monitoring the traffic

  1. Register the VigorSwitch to VigorConnect. How to register VigorSwitch to VigorConnect, you can refer to here.
  2. sFlow is disabled by default at VigorConnect. Click the right mouse button on the VigorConnect icon at System tray, and click Setup.
  3. Switch to Network flow page and Enable sFlow Counter Sampling Interval.
  4. Now you can see it at Device Menu>>Monitoring>>Flow, and Device Menu>>Configuration>>sFlow Settings.

Apply sFlow settings profile

Packet Sampling Rate:
It means how many packets captured. The number is bigger, the accuracy of the data is higher, but it will bring a bigger burden to CPU at the same time.

Counter Sampling Interval:
Capture packets every N seconds.

Click Apply, and profile will be created.

Monitor the traffic

Go to Device Menu>>Monitoring>>flow

At the Upper right corner, the user can choose Time Range and how long will the VigorConnect refresh the data one time.

Device Overview

This page illustrate the outline of the traffic includes usage and the visit frequency of each port/protocol/destination/source IP, and the information will display by pie charts. Moreover, the network administrator can select Destination and source IP to analyze the traffic.

Device Prot Status

This page focus on the traffic of the port the network administrator wants to monitor.

Not only the flow in and out usage but the network administrator can also analyze Flow Faults, In/Out Discards, In/Out Errors, In/Out Broadcast Packets, In/Out Multicast Packets. This feature helps speed up troubleshooting

Device Attack Detection

This page helps the network administrator to monitor the Flood Attack, sFlow can analysis multiple types of flood attacks.

Published On:2020-08-03 

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