String Object allows administrators to enter more characters to VPN Server Host Name in LAN to LAN dial-out field

Some VPN Vigor routers, such as Vigor2826 series and Vigor2926 series, can only support up to 41 characters as the VPN server host name in the LAN to LAN dail-out field. However, some VPN providers use long domain name. When this happens, the string object can help you enter more characters for the hostname / server IP.


1. Go to Object Setting>>String Object, and new a string object. Enter the domain name and click OK.

2. VPN and Remote Access>>LAN to LAN. Create a new profile, enable Specify Remote Node, and type "string.1.local" in Remote Client IP. 


The number 1 in "string.1.local" means which Index you choose at String object.

Published On:2020-04-27 

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