Differences between Switch types

DrayTek switch products are categorized into different types:

You can choose suitable products to fit your needs.

Smart Lite

The installation of SmartLite models is simple. You can finish the deployment by plugging the cable without any configuration. Furthermore, it offers VLAN, QoS, IGMP, Loop Prevention, Port Mirror, etc. It is suitable for a simple network which would like to increase the number of ports, but also want to set the VLAN as well.

Web Smart

WebSmart models offer more complete functionalities, like Spanning Tree, SNMP, DoS Defense, etc. It is suitable for the network needs efficiency and scalability. You can also configure the switch on Vigor ACS directly, which is the software provides centralized device management.

Layer 2  Managed

The managed models are for networks which need a more efficient connection. They offer features like IGMP querier, GVRP, Surveillance VLAN. They also provide administrators to set up a secure environment by features such as ACL, 802.1X, IP source guard, RADIUS/TACACS+, AAA, etc.

Layer 2+  Managed

In addition to the L2 management features, the L2+ models also provide basic layer 3 features, such as Static Routing and DHCP server. It helps to improve network performance by off-loading the routers.


Find out more about DrayTek's switch products at Product > Switches.

Published On:2019-08-08 

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