Backup and Restore VigorAP Configuration Files with VigorConnect

This guide demonstrates how to set VigorConnect to routinely back up configuration files from VigorAPs, where they are stored in VigorConnect's directory structure and how to restore configuration files to VigorAPs if needed.

Schedule backup for multiple CPEs

To configure VigorConnect to back up the configuration of a group of VigorAPs, go to System Menu > Maintenance > Scheduled Backup page and configure these settings:

1. Switch to Backup Setting Profile tab and press "Add" to create the backup profile,

2. Click Save to save the backup setting profile

3. Switch back to the Network & Device tab. Select the backup profile on the network or device and save it.

Location of the backup config file

The backup file will be saved in the Maintenance > File manager automatically, VigorConnect will create a new directory fpr each VigorAP, with a name of _. For instance, "VigorAP903_00507F123456". For the real path of the server storage, it will be located within the installation directory of Vigorconnect.


Restore Config

To restore settings for multiple devices at the same time, go to the System Menu > Maintenance > Configuration Restore page and follow these steps:

1. Switch to Restore Setting Profile tab and click Add to create the restore profile

2. Click Save to save the restore setting profile

3. Switch back to the Network & Device tab. Select the Restore profile and config file on the device. Then enable the profile and save it.

How to check the log of backup and restore

To check whether a configuration backup or restoration event has completed successfully, go to Monitoring > Log > File Transfer


Published On:2019-08-14 

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