Get the Report of All the CPE's Management Port

The Network administrator will need to have a configuration report for the managed devices. It will be time-consuming checking all the routers one-by-one. VigorACS is a centralized management system which based on TR-069 protocol. All the information of CPE is sending to the ACS server with TR-069 parameters. Since version 2.3.0, VigorACS 2 support the Device configuration report to collect the info of specific TR-069 parameters. This document is going to demonstrate the steps to create the report for CPE management port.

Create a device configuration report

1. Confirm the required TR-069 parameters:
Vigor is compatible with the TR-069 standard parameters, and there are more parameters so that user can define all of the detail settings on Vigor. We could find out the feature by checking the parameters from the ACS page (CPE Configuration >> Advanced >> Advanced Parameter), we can copy the parameter name by right-clicking the entry. Here we could use the prefix parameters InternetGatewayDevice.X_00507F_System.Management.ManagementPort.

NOTE: If the name of parameters includes X_00507F_, it means that is a DrayTek-defined parameter.


2. Create the report: Go to Reports >> Reports page and click create the report, you may choose the device configuration from the report type. Paste the TR-069 parameter on the parameter list. It supports to type the parameter with the prefix, which means you could put InternetGatewayDevice.X_00507F_System.Management.ManagementPort. and it will show all the parameters with the prefix.

3. After selecting the CPE/network, click + Query to get the report.

4. We'll get the report file displaying on the ACS page.

How to run the report by schedule

You may use the Reports >> Report Tasks to run the Report by schedule, please remember to configure the mail server from User >> Mail server before you used this feature.

Published On:2018-08-21 

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