What Can I Do if I Forgot MySQL password?

If you forgot the MySQL password, you would not be able to launch the ACS program correctly. In other words, you cannot access the ACS service, and cannot write new data into the database. This article is going to demonstrate what could we do if we forgot the MySQL password.

Try the password which ACS store first

1. Check the MySQL password setting of VigorACS:
Open the file db.properties, and It will display the format root={password}, which means ACS will use the root as the username and {password} as the password to access the Database.
The location of two platforms is different:

2. Try to use this password to access the database

Reset the MySQL password

1. Stop the MySQL service first

2. Change the security setting to allow access MySQL without a password

3. Enter the database to reset the password to "YYY" by MySQL cmd:

#use mysql;
#UPDATE user SET Password=PASSWORD("YYY") WHERE User='root';
#flush privileges;

4. Stop MySQL and change the MySQL security settings back

5. After the change, the password will change to YYY. Please remember to modify the ACS file db.properties from old password {password} to new password YYY at the same time (the content should be root=YYY). You may need to restart the ACS service again.

Published On:2018-12-19 

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