How to limit the number of MAC address to each port interface

The primary purpose of Port Security is to restrict the number of the MAC Address for each port interface. If the LAN client number is out of the limit, VigorSwitch will relate actions.

1. To use Port Secruity, please go to Security>>Port Security

  1. State: Enable the port security function on the VigorSwitch.
  2. Ports: Select the port you would like to set up the Port Security
  3. Port state: Enable the function on the ports selected above
  4. MAC Address: Enter the maximum number of MAC Address.
  5. Action: Select the action to the MAC Address for exceeding the limit.

Action options:
Forward- Forward a packet to the VigorSwitch.
Discard- Discard a packet that goes through the VigorSwitch.
Shutdown- Shutdown this port when the number of MAC Address excess the limit.

2. After setting up the Port Security, you can check the list below.

Published On:2016-05-12 

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