Choose the Best VPN Protocol

Vigor routers support various VPN protocols, and each of them uses different encryption methods and results in different levels of security and transmitting speed. Below we list the VPN protocols which Vigor Router offers and their relative security strength and performance on Vigor Router, to help you decide which VPN protocol is best for your network. (You may find the actual performance of each model on their product page.)

For DrayOS
For Vigor3910 & Vigor2962
For Vigor3900 & Vigor2960

Note: The performance is based on LAN-to-LAN VPN throughput, it could be different by OS platform for Host-to-LAN VPN.

The Recommend Protocols For Host-to-LAN VPN

Based on the performance and security strength, below are the protocols we recommended to use when creating a Remote Access VPN to Vigor Router from each operating system

Published On:2018-07-17 

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