Use 2-Step Authentication for Remote Access

This article demonstrates how to set up 2-Step Authentication for the router's remote access, and add a layer of security to the router. When 2-Step Authentication is enabled, the Internet user will not only need the administrator password, but also the Auth Code sent to the specific phone number or email address, to log into the router's management page.
Note: 2-Step Authentication only supports login from WAN interfaces, does not support admin accounts login on LAN.

1. To send the Auth Code via SMS, create an SMS service profile at Objects Setting >> SMS / Mail Service Object >> SMS Provider page.

a screenshot of DrayOS SMS Service Object

To send the Auth Code via E-mail, create a Mail Service profile at Objects Setting >> SMS / Mail Service Object >> Mail Server page.

a screenshot of DrayOS Mail Service Object

2. At System Maintenance >> Administrator Password Setup page,

  1. Enable "Use only advanced authentication method for Admin “WAN” login"
  2. Choose 2-Step Authentication
  3. Check SMS, Mail, or both, depends on which method you would like to use to receive the authentication code
  4. Click OK to save
a screenshot of DrayOS Administrator Password Setup

3. Now, when you access the router's management page from the internet, you will need to click Get Code then enter the Authentication code which will be sent to the set email address or phone number.

a screenshot of Vigor2860 login page

Published On:2018-02-02 

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