Use VigorAP 810 in Station-Infrastructure mode

VigorAP 810 in Station-Infrastructure mode can serve as a wireless network card and provide wireless Internet access to the router or PC connected to its LAN port.

1. Choose Operation Mode as Station-Infrastructure mode: Go to Operation Mode, select "Station-Infrastructure", and click OK to apply.

Switching to Station-Infrastructure in operation mode configuration

2. Connect VigorAP 810 to a Wireless network: Go to Wireless LAN >> Site Survey, click Scan to search for available access points.

Connecting VigorAP 810 to the ISP

3. Select the SSID to join and click Connect.

Select the SSID of the ISP

4. Choose the required Security Mode, enter the Pass Phrase, and click OK to join the network.

Enter Login credentials

5. Connect a device to VigorAP 810 by an Ethernet cable. Then it will be able to join the wireless network which VigorAP810 is connecting.

Published On:2015-10-02 

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