How to monitor Vigor165/166 in xDSL bridge mode using VigorACS?

When the Vigor165/166 is used as an xDSL modem (Modem/Bridge Mode is enabled), there is no WAN interface to route management traffic to a network management server such as VigorACS. To achieve this goal, we need to add static routes to route management traffic to a connected CPE LAN interface.
This article demonstrates how to configure the Vigor165/166 running in bridge mode so that it can be managed with VigorACS. (The Vigor165 and Vigor2962 are used in the example shown)

Vigor2962 Configuration :

1. Go to LAN >> VLAN Configuration menu.

2. Go to LAN >> General Setup menu.

3. Connect Vigor2962's LAN port P4 to the Vigor165 LAN port P2.

Vigor165 Configuration :

1. Access Vigor165's WUI page. Go to Operation Mode and select Modem/Bridge Mode.

Note :

2. Go to Routing >> Static Route Setup menu.

3. Go to System Maintenance >> TR-069 Setting menu. Enter the information of ACS Server.

Now Vigor165 is registered to ACS Server. You should see the details similar to the image below:

Published On:2022-03-30 

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