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Automatic Load Balance Setup

Load Balancing is the default settings of Vigor Router. Once a WAN link is online, the router will add it to the load balancing pool. No configuration required, and no need for understanding the technical terms.

Optimize Bandwidth Utilization

The router tracks the bandwidth usage on each WAN, detects the maximum bandwidth they can reach, and make sure the bandwidth utilization of each WAN is similar.

Seamless Failover

DrayTek multi-WAN routers do automatic failovers between WAN connections. In the events of ISP outage, the router will transfer the traffic to another WAN smoothly. Ensure reliable Internet connectivity and save you from the cost of network downtime.

WAN Active On Demand

A higher-cost link can run in failover mode and act as a WAN backup to your network. The router can activate the backup link under conditions automatically, such as primary link disconnects, ping fails, or when traffic reaches the defined threshold; therefore to keep the network available.

Get Aggregated Bandwidth

You may switch to Session-based Load Balancing which allows the router to distribute sessions of a single connection among all the WAN links, and provide the LAN clients Internet speed faster than a single link can do.

Policy-Based Routing

While there are multiple Internet links, routing policies can be created to designate a link for VoIP traffic, traffic from a certain range of IP, or traffic to a specific destination.

Built-in Data Budget

The data budget feature tracks each link's data usage during a custom billing cycle. Once the data amount reaches the defined threshold, the router can shut down the WAN link or send a notification to network administrators. (Only available in DrayOS models)

Case Study: Allow LAN Clients to Choose Their Internet Gateway

The performance of a website or a server might be related to from which ISP you are connecting. While subscribing to multiple Internet lines for better performance, sometimes LAN users might want to choose an outgoing ISP for better connection experience.

DrayTek Load Balancing Router offers the solution! The router can own multiple LAN IP addresses on the LAN subnet, and each for them can map to a different WAN interface. It allows LAN clients to choose which WAN interface they want to go by changing only their gateway IP configuration.

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