File Manager of VigorACS

EMS folder is a mirror of the NetDocument on the VigorACS. You can put a file into the corresponding folder, and it will appear on the webpage of VigorACS. It also includes the mapping of the Maintenance >> File Manager page. The picture below illustrates the structure of the EMS folder.

an illustration of EMS file structure

How to find the EMS folder?

To find out the location of EMS folder, please check the file userhome.txt in the VigorACS folder.

For Windows, the file is at {VigorACS installed path}\bin\userhome.txt

a screenshot of Windows File manager

For Linux, the file is at /usr/local/vigoracs/VigorACS/bin/userhome.txt

a screenshot of Linux

Published On:2018-08-21 

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