Why is the Router Responding on Port 80?

The router is using port 80 for its HTTP management page as well as the firewall blocking page. Below are the configuration required for turning off TCP port 80 for the router.

1. Change HTTP management port

You can do this from System Maintenance >> Management >> Management Port Setup. However, if you're not using the default HTTP port, remember to specify the port number when accessing the management page (for the configuration below, you will need to type in the address bar instead)

a screenshot of DrayOS
2. Disable the block page by CLI

You can disable the block page can by typing the command csm dnsf blockpage off. Then, sys reboot to restart the router.

a screenshot of DrayOS CLI

However, if you turn off the block page, instead of being noticed that the page is blocking by the router, users will only see that the page is not working.

a screenshot of Chrome

Published On:2017-05-02 

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