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Set Up Vigor3900 as an OpenVPN Server

Published On: May 15, 2018 

Vigor3900 and Vigor2960 support OpenVPN since firmware version 1.4.0. Unlike other VPN protocols, OpenVPN offers Network Administrator the flexibility to choose transmission protocol, port number, and encryptions. It's an open-source application that you can find the client software for every platform. This article demonstrates how to set up Vigor3900 and Vigor2960 as an OpenVPN server for remote dial-in clients.

1. Add an OpenVPN User Profile at User Management >> User Profile page:

a screenshot of Vigor3900

2. Go to VPN and Remote Access >> OpenVPN General Setup >> OpenVPN General Setup:

a screenshot of Vigor3900

3. Confirm the time settings is correct on the router.

a screenshot of Vigor3900

4. Go to OpenVPN Client Configuration page:

a screenshot of Vigor3900
Connecting from the Client Device

You may use any OpenVPN Client App for the connection. All you need to do is import the configuration file downloaded from the router, and enter the username and password when being asked for credentials. Here we take OpenVPN Connect for example.
1. Receive the configuration and double-click on the file.
2. Tap + to import the configuration.
3. Enter username and password. Then, switch on to start the VPN connection.
4. VPN connected.

screenshots of OpenVPN Connect

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