Assign a Fixed IP Address to Remote Dial-in VPN Clients

By default, Vigor Router will dynamically assign an IP address from its LAN DHCP IP pool to the remote dial-in VPN clients. To take more control of the client activities, the network administrator may use a static IP address for the VPN clients. The configuration below shows how to assign a fixed IP address to remote dial-in VPN clients.

Go to VPN and Remote Access >> Remote Dial-in User, in the user profile of remote dial-in VPN client, check "Assign Static IP Address" and input the Static IP Address for this VPN client.

a screenshot of DrayOS Remote Dial-In user profile

Go to User Management >> User Profile, in the user profile of remote dial-in VPN client, input a Static IP Address. a screenshot of Vigor3900 User Profile

After finishing above configurations, remote VPN client will obtain the specified static IP address when it dials in with this VPN account.

Published On: 2016-05-27 

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