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Get a Centralized Hierarchy View

On the status monitoring page, the router presents a 2-layer hierarchy view of the VigorSwitches on its LAN, where you can easily find a network device in the network topology, check their IP address, and find out the physical Ethernet port it is connecting.

Reboot PoE Devices Remotely

The router's Web UI provides the options to shut down the ports of the switches immediately. For PoE switches, shutting down a port will also cut off the power supply; therefore, it allows you to power off the remote PoE devices, such as the wireless access point or IP cameras, directly from the router's management page. You can also schedule a port shutdown.

Quick VLAN Configuration

The router offers a simple method to plan the VLAN on the switch. It presents the VLANs available according to the VLAN configuration of the router, the port connecting to the router is automatically set to a trunk port, you only need to define PVID when a port is a member of multiple VLANs.

Maintaining All the Switches

From the router, Network Administrator can perform configuration backup for all the switches on the network at the same time, no need to log into the management page of each device one-by-one. Configuration restore, remote reboot, and factory reset can also be done from the router.

Available in VigorACS 3

If the router is registered to a VigorACS 3 server, the cloud management software for all DrayTek devices, Network Administrator may also conduct all these centralized management features remotely via the VigorACS 3 platform.

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