Movie Theater Chain


United States


Dual-WAN VPN Router, Central Management


The California-based movie theater chain is one of those who provide premium movie-watching experience by integrating in-seat food services and up-leveled amenities. They have a few cinemas, a business headquarter, and a data center in different locations.


  • The business network of a single site includes a variety of network applications and devices, including IP phones, POS system, surveillance system, smart lighting, A/V system, employee time clocks, digital signage, the staff Internet access, and Guest Wi-Fi. All the devices share the same Internet gateway, but they need critical service to always run smoothly.

  • The company is using one IP telephony system and POS system. All the IP phones and POS devices are registering to the central PBX and POS server. Every cinema needs a secure link to the office and data center.

  • The managers need access to the surveillance system of all the cinemas, to check the footage from the offices, also remote access to the routers to check the network status.

Solutions and Benefits

  1. Dual-WAN Load Balancing

    DrayTek dual-WAN load balancing router improves network performance by sharing traffic load among two Internet lines.

  2. LAN-to-LAN VPN

    VPN is a quick, secure, and low-cost way to build a private connection between geographically separated sites.

  3. Multi-VLAN

    VLAN separates the traffic from the business network, staff network, security system, POS system, central management system, and the guest network. Even though they all run on the same physical network.

  4. Bandwidth Limit & QoS (Quality of Service)

    Bandwidth Limit can prevent host occupying all the bandwidth. Vigor Router’s IP-based bandwidth policy allows network administrators to restrict the bandwidth usage for the guest subnet only. The rest of the network can use as much as bandwidth as they need. Furthermore, QoS prioritizes the critical and time-sensitive traffic, such as VoIP and the video stream. It ensures excellent call and image quality even when the network is busy.

  5. Port Forwarding with Access Control

    Vigor Routers not only offers flexible options to forward the Internet request to an internal server, but also support limiting the source IP address for the forwarding rules. Source IP restriction adds a layer of security to your internal servers while providing easy remote access.

  6. Central Management

    VigorACS provides a platform for network administrators to monitor and maintain the routers remotely. It reduces the need for on-site support. Save time and money for the company.

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