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8-port VigorSwitch for simple deployment


The client is a well-known regional cable operator in the central region of Taiwan. The cable operator mainly offers cable TV and internet services. The network allocation service they offered in the case includes equipment provision and network deployment. The service scope encompasses residential buildings, shared apartments, or small-size businesses. Traditionally, individuals access the internet by directly subscribing to an Internet Service Provider (ISP), which then installs a dedicated line to provide internet service to their home or office. However, for a residential community, a community network can be an option to save money and improve service. The cable operator would install network equipment and cabling, and independently distribute the network to all residents.


Taking shared apartments or rental suites for example. Network access is an essential requirement for the tenants. The landlord often needs to apply for a dedicated line with an ISP and conduct cabling and equipment installation themselves before renting out these suites. To simplify this process, landlords can engage cable operator’s assistance in handling network cabling and equipment installation, which reduces costs and simplifies complex network deployment. In this case, the cable operator we mentioned is our client, and the primary goal for deploying this network solution is to achieve the objectives below.

  • Configure Bandwidth limitation based on each user’s network plan.

  • Segment the network for each user to prevent interference and protect personal data and privacy.

Solutions and Benefits

  1. Reduce network deployment costs

    Eliminate the need for purchasing multiple expensive pieces of equipment and perform complex network deployment. With this solution, the cable operator will assist you in deploying cabling and network equipment installation, simply utilizing one or more VigorSwitch G1080 behind the router, and separately connecting the port to the tenant’s home. This approach maximizes the efficiency of the dedicated line provided by the ISP.

  2. Secure network

    By enabling “port isolation” on VigorSwitch G1080, you can divide each port into separate segments to ensure network security and personal privacy.

  3. Flexible Configuration

    Based on the network plan purchased by the user, the bandwidth limit can be set for each port on VigorSwitch G1080.

  4. Simple maintenance

    From the topology, we can see that all VigorSwitch G1080s are connected behind the router. This setup allows us to monitor and manage all switches connected to the router. The entire network status can be viewed on the router’s user interface, without the need to log in to switches individually for check. Administrators can also perform remote troubleshooting when network issues are detected, reducing network repair times.

  5. Optimized network throughput with VigorRouter

    Utilizing a combination of a router and the multiple connected VigorSwitches for network allocation greatly simplifies network management and enables network segments. When integrated with our VigorRouter, this network solution can enhance network security and optimize network performance through advanced built-in features such as firewall capability and load balancing. This network solution isn’t limited to shared suites, it is also suitable for various environments, including school dormitories, community buildings, and small offices. It provides a cost-effective and high-efficiency network solution.

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