We have upgraded the system architecture for MyVigor server, and now require your help to complete the upgrade process.

If your device has already been registered to MyVigor Server, then MyVigor will send a notification email to you, please follow the instructions on the email to complete the upgrade process. If you have not received the email, please check the spam/junk mail folders as well. These steps need to be completed before 2021-05-22 or the WCF and DrayDDNS services may not work as expected.

If your device has not been registered to MyVigor, you can upgrade it directly.


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Last Update Model Type Version Release Note Download Note Checksum
2023-05-17 VigorAP 912C Mainline 1.4.10

2023-04-26 VigorSwitch P1282 Mainline 2.8.5

2023-04-26 VigorSwitch G1282 Mainline 2.8.5

2023-04-11 Vigor3910 Mainline

2023-04-11 Vigor2962 Mainline

2023-03-31 VigorAP 1060C Mainline 1.4.9

2023-03-31 VigorAP 910C Mainline 1.3.5

2023-03-24 VigorSwitch G2280x Mainline 2.8.4

2023-03-24 VigorSwitch P2280x Mainline 2.8.4

2023-03-22 Vigor2866 / Vigor2866L Series Mainline 4.4.2

Provides Annex A modem code 123230_02 and 123210_30.

2023-03-22 Vigor2865 / Vigor2865L Series Mainline 4.4.2

Provides Annex A modem code 8B0F07_8B0701 and 8B2607_8B0B01, and Annex B modem code 8B2607_8B0B02 and 8B2817_8B0812.

2023-03-15 VigorAP 802 Mainline 1.4.8

2023-03-06 VigorSwitch P2100 Mainline 2.8.3

2023-03-06 VigorSwitch G2100 Mainline 2.8.3

2023-03-03 VigorAP 903 Mainline 1.4.9

2023-03-03 VigorAP 960C Mainline 1.4.7

2023-03-03 VigorAP 1000C Mainline 1.4.6

2023-03-03 VigorAP 920R Series Mainline 1.4.6

2023-03-03 VigorAP 918R Series Mainline 1.4.6

2023-03-03 VigorAP 906 Mainline 1.4.8

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